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Pyburn Films is an award-winning production company that specializes in world-class original content creation, branding and breakthrough design. Founded by Randy Pyburn, the Pyburn Films team produces turn-key projects for Broadcast and Cable Networks.


Pyburn has been honored with multiple EMMY awards, including work for the Olympics, HBO and most recently an EMMY for “Best Director” for an ABC Campaign featuring Michael Strahan.


Before launching Pyburn Films, Randy Pyburn was the Creative Director for NBC in New York.  

As an entrepreneur, Pyburn conceived and created AXIS Graphics (, the world’s FIRST online content creation system that’s now used by thousands of television stations around the world. The Chyron Corporation acquired the revolutionary technology and business in 2010. 

In 2022, Pyburn began work on their newest technology MediAI ( Utilizing groundbreaking AI computing power, MediAI enables data visualization for News and Real-Time content production at speeds and efficiencies never available before.   

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